Cloverdale Rodeo

Well another rodeo is in the books! Its funny that in 2017 I attended the rodeo as a spectator and the following year I was playing and now this year we played not one but TWO nights to a packed room! I cant say enough about the BCCMA. So many great local artists. I had a great time watching as many of them as I could. From Appaloosa, Rolling Trainwreck, The Promised, and Emily Taylor Adams killing it on the Lordco Stage to Kadooh, Richard Tichelman, Bryce Allen, and April Reign inside heating it up at the Boots and Buckles Salloon there was never a dull moment. I even got to meet the CTV Morning Live Host Keri Adams. I dont usually get to meet people that are on TV but I think I kept my cool… then again probably not! As the weekend came to an end and Langley and I were driving back home to the Okanagan we spent the ride going over all the exciting things that took place. We have come to the conclusion that good things always happen after driving that road headed West and every time we head back east a small piece of ourselves stay behind. The BCCMA has made a home for artists like us and like any true home it is filled with the most important thing in life, Family. It has been a great experience learning so much from everyone and getting such positive feedback for all the work we have put in. So much of our success is owed to having the right people in our corner and as far as i am concerned we have the very BEST. Well Cloverdale Rodeo…. thats a wrap. See Y’all next year!

  • Louis Bigras
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