Monday Motivation: How Bad Do You Want It?

We all have a goal that always seems unattainable. We want rock hard abs or a promotion at work. For some, the goal may be to learn to play an instrument or maybe to take an art class. Whatever the case may be there is always one common denominator. How bad do you want it? Carlos Santana didn’t get to where he is by sitting around looking at his guitar. Michelangelo didn’t just pick up a brush one day and decide to paint. It takes work! In a world where some peoples retirement plan is playing the lottery hoping to “Win It Big” don’t be afraid to put in some work. While winning the lottery may be awesome, I promise you that reaping the rewards from your blood sweat and tears is way more fulfilling.

During my high school days all I wanted to do was perform. I auditioned for every school play. I would always get a part of some sort but usually one with the least amount of singing. This was puzzling to me because I thought I was a great singer! Upon further investigation I came to realize that I couldn’t actually sing. At least thats what I was told. This lead to a long period of time when I would only sing if I was alone. I would practice for hours but no matter how hard I worked at it I never found the courage to sing in front of anyone. The words kept haunting me, “you cant…” . Finally one day, years later, something broke. I decided to hell with it! I love to sing and I’m going to sing! You can’t please everyone right? Some are going to like it, some may even love it, and some are going to hate it.

The point is this, there will always be someone telling you that you cant do something. There will always be negative forces working against you. But all of this is just reinforcement that you’re heading the right way. You can’t enjoy an awesome rollercoaster without first going through the terrifying rickety incline that always seems to take forever. Remember, the longer you grind up that hill, the more exhilarating the ride!


Happy Monday – Louis


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