Motivation Monday!

We all survived another Monday! Most people dread Mondays. It usually signifies the start of another long work week, or the end of an exciting weekend. A shift in gears back to the mundane and monotonous grind of everyday life. I, however, have developed a new view towards this dreadful day. Monday for me has become a new start. Every week we all work hard towards our goal, whatever it may be. I, for instance, am chasing a wild dream of having a career in the music industry. Like many on the road to success there are weeks where it seems nothing has moved forward and sometimes there are weeks where you feel you’ve actually gone backwards. But this is all good news! We learn more from failing than we do from anything else and having a bad week can be exactly the tool you need to succeed in the future. Now comes Monday. Monday is the day that you get a fresh start. Not a clean slate but rather a guide to make this new week better. Its like taking an open book test where the pages of the book are filled with your lessons from the past. Every Monday you get to wake up to this beautiful ride we call life is an opportunity to live it to the fullest. Monday doesn’t have to be a drag, in fact Monday can be the start of your brand new life! We never know how many Mondays we get so lets make the most of the one we have Today!


Happy Monday – Louis

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